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Do you have in your hunting area any deers, bears, elks, sheeps, goats or other animals? Are you able to organize good bird or bow hunts? Can you enable a great experience in the fishing? Would you have an experience of elk, mountain goat, wild boar hunting or another kind of animals what you can’t see in your district? If you can answer „Yes“... Let´s for a while think about this: Why to pay the overpriced hunts, when there is always someone in the various parts of the country, Europe or the World, who would like to enjoy the hunting in the same level, what you can offer. The ideal solution of this situation is EXCHANGE HUNT! How does it simply works:

The Exchange hunts work in this way: You allow the hunting experience, fishing, wildlife photography, lend your cabin in your district, this is usually expected from the counterpart to realize your hunting dream as well. The main idea is that the hunt, trophies, accommodation, food..etc. are free of charge. You pay only the transport to the agreed district. For sure everything depends on the bilateral agreement with the contact person.

This special adventure is not only about the pure hunting. You will also find new friends, who can share the same hobbies with you, you will explore new country, you can discover the new ways of the hunting and hunting areas.

If you are opened to offer the hunting of various kind of the animals, to lend a hunting cabin, to recommend a nice fishing or wildlife photography or anything similar what could be for someone enjoyable experience. You can present this adventure via registration form on our websites. Please register your inquiry in our database, where you can search for what you are interested in now. The larger the database of users, the better options to realize your dream of hunting. We can also help you with the searching of the contact, translations, etc... The additional and detail information are available in our articles of the website.