Ethic code


Code of Ethics and Standards to Govern the Exchange Programme for Hunters.

1.              Every participant in the exchange programme for hunters undertakes that the exchange programme will be carried out in accordance with legal regulations and laws applicable on the host’s territory and in compliance with local hunting traditions.

2.              The exchange programme for hunters is not carried out on a commercial basis in the form of hunting for money.  The objective is to offer a hunting opportunity to another hunter in the form of mutual exchange.

3.              The host shall create adequate and appropriate conditions that will be mutually agreed between its participants prior to the exchange programme for hunters: suitable board and lodging, transport during hunting, and transport to the place of destination (airport, train station etc.) upon arrival and departure. By prior mutual agreement, the host shall secure or assist in securing any necessary documents and hunting permits, insurance of liability for damage caused during hunting, export of a trophy, if any, etc.

4.              The host shall exert efforts to enable successful hunting to the guest in the agreed period of time.

5.              The guest participating in the exchange programme for hunters undertakes to follow the host’s instructions during the time of the guest’s visit and a hunting event. Before the exchange programme is executed, the guest shall provide the host with any necessary information and required personal data, and shall submit the required documents: the shooting licence, gun licence, liability insurance policy, etc.

6.              The subject matter of the exchange programme for hunters can be particularly hunting of animals of a predetermined species and sex, the number of animals agreed in advance, a bag with an agreed score of a trophy, or a bag of a required age (age category).

7.              The exchange programme for hunters is considered to have failed to be executed especially when a guest was not enabled to bag the agreed animals in the agreed time, unless participants agree otherwise. The terms and conditions under which the host shall be obliged to enable an unsuccessful hunting event (if any) to be repeated must be agreed in advance. 

In the case of any serious breach of the code of ethics by either party, the exchange programme may be cancelled unilaterally.