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GB United Kingdom Scotland

I offer for hunt:    Red deer , Red fox , Roe deer

I am a professional freelance hunter, and stalking guide based in Scotland. I have access to Red and Roe Deer stalking both stags/bucks and hinds/does depending on the time of year, on a mixture of ground from lowland agricultural ground and forestry to hill ground. I can offer accommodation in my home s a guest with my family or arrange local accommodation etc... just get in touch. As well as Deer we should be able to go out lamping for Foxes if that is of interest. I am ideally looking to exchange for any bowhunting opportunities as that is something I do not have access to. I am keen to put the work in and likely spot and stalk more than a fully guided experience but any offer would be considered even just access to ground and a place for a tent. I have my own bow/equipment and have a US bowhunters Ed certificate.

I speak:    English