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HU Hungary Western Hungary

I offer for hunt:    Common Pheasant , European hare , Fallow deer , Mouflon , Red deer , Red fox , Roe deer , Wild boar , Wood Pigeon , Fishing

I would like hunt:    Alpine marmot , Black Bear , Black Grouse , Brown bear , Capercaillie , Chamois , Fallow deer , Gemsbok , Golden jackal , Gray Wolf , Moose , Mouflon , Mule Deer , Red Grouse , Reindeer (Caribou) , White-tailed Deer , Willow Ptarmigan , Woodcock, Snipe , Fishing

I'm from Hungary, I have an msc degree in wildlife management studies and I also like fly fishing. I'm not looking for record trophies but for true experiences and discover remote places in our Planet. I like to spent as much time as possible in wild places, in the real nature. One of my biggest dreams is to spend some days in Scandinavia with hunting. I'm also interested in the Alps or the Balkans, as well as Alaska and Canada. "Hunting is not about what it gives, but about what it promises"

I speak:    English