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ZA South Africa Free State

I offer for hunt:    Baboon , Black Wildebeest , Blesbok , Blue Wildebeest , Bushbuck , Bushpig , Cape porcupine , Desert warthog , Eland , Gemsbok , Impala , Kudu , Lesser kudu , Mountain Reedbuck , Mountain zebra , Nyala , Plains zebra , Red hartebeest , Reedbuck , Scimitar Oryx , Springbuck , Warthog , Waterbuck

I would like hunt:    Fishing

I live pretty centrally in South Africa, so I am able to offer hunts across South Africa. Mostly I hunt in the Eastern Cape, because I like the mountainous wooded terrain and the Free State which offer large plains of grassland. There is also good rock and surf fishing in the Eastern Cape. I can take someone to hunt almost all the plains game, if you would like to hunt dangerous game we can talk about hiring the services of a professional hunter. South Africa does not have a tag system or a lot of hunting on public land. All of the hunting will be done on private reserves, and the animals will have to be bought. All the species are thus readily available, without applying. For European or North American hunters the game won't be too expensive, because of the favorable exchange rate for you. Local outfitters usually charge overseas hunters a premium even for plains game, you would not be paying these prices when hunting with a South African local. South Africa does not have a fixed hunting season, but most hunting occurs from March to September. I usually go on one or two hunts in this time and would offer to take someone hunting with me on one of these trips or plan a specific hunt together with you. I would really enjoy to make some international hunting friends.

I speak:    English