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DE Germany Uelsen

I offer for hunt:    European badger , European hare , Raccoon , Raccoon dog , Red fox , Roe deer , Wild boar , Woodcock, Snipe , Fishing , Recreational cottage

At our family huntingarea we own for 28 years in Mecklenburg Vorpommern I will host you to hunt all kind of foxes, raccoons, enok, badger, marten, etc. we also have good Roebuck, wild boar, sometimes deer. We also have hare, duck, etc. I will host you in our own Huntinghouse which is right inside our area. You will be part of our hunting family and besides hunting we will have the meals drinks and other activities together if you want to. In the Summer you can also enjoy the landscape and famous lakes of our area. The east coast is just 1hr drive away. Feel free to contact me in English, Dutch or German.

I speak:    German , English