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US United States Old Town, Maine

I offer for hunt:    Bobcat , Moose , Raccoon , White-tailed Deer , Wild Turkey

I would like hunt:    American Bison , American Mountain Goat , Bighorn Sheep , Black rhinoceros , Black Wildebeest , Brown bear , Cape buffalo , Elephant , Elk, wapiti , Gray Wolf , Grizzly Bear , Kodiak Brown Bear , Lion , Moose , Mule Deer , Muskox , Nile crocodile , Polar Bear , Pronghorn Antelope , Red deer , Water Buffalo , White-tailed Deer , Wild boar , Wolverine

We have an exclusive hunting lease on a little under 2 square miles of property. We are looking for an out of Maine exchange for the 2021 season. The property offers great Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Coyote, Bobcat, and Ruffled Grouse. I also raise pheasant so that will be available as well. We will be putting in approximately 100 acres of food plot this year, and offer established stands for whitetail hunting. We will also have established stands for hunting black bear as well as coyote. Looking for a bit of a change up. Maybe Elk, Red, Mule, but open to most anything. Mountain Lion would be very cool as well. Message me with what you have.

I speak:    English