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CA Canada Montreal

I offer for hunt:    Moose

I would like hunt:    White-tailed Deer

Hi, my name is Pierre and I saw your post on the forum. I did several swaps in the past and can give references if needed. I could provide a great moose hunt for 2 people, either with bow or rifle. I would guide you for the week myself, so chances of success are very high. (1 moose allowed) I would pay part of the trip, so the cost for 2 hunters would come around $2400.00 US ($1200.00 per hunter) excluding your non-resident licenses, which is very reasonable considering the cost to shoot a moose in Alaska or Newfoundland goes from 4k to 7k without the licenses. Location: Province Quebec I would be alone to hunt, looking for approx. 10 days with accommodations to target a buck over 150 inches with bow. Thanks!

I speak:    English