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DE Germany Hunsrueck

I offer for hunt:    European badger , Red deer , Red fox , Roe deer , Wild boar

Hello fellow hunters! My name is Kai, I am a German hunter, 32 years old, married and father of a two year old daughter. I predominantly hunt roe deer, wild boar and red deer and have year round access to two hunting areas in the „Hunsrück“ region. Due to wild boars we don’t really have a hunting season in Germany and even deer hunting is possible from May - January. I can offer hunting for the above mentioned species plus you can hunt badgers, red fox and other small predators. Please note that we do most of the hunting from high seats or blinds to reduce hunting pressure - apart from night stalking for wild boars. Besides that, Germany sticks out for its numerous hunting traditions and rites, which I would be happy to share with an international hunting buddy. If you’re interested in doing some sightseeing as well, there is lots of stuff to do in the area. I am looking for hunting swaps both in Europe and overseas. I have a couple of prerequisites for an exchange partner: - I am looking for honest international hunting buddies, ideally to build up a long term hunting friendship. - I am not interested in doing a hunting exchange with persons of any kind of extreme political views, be it extremely right or left or what so ever. - Ideally, you are between 25 and 40 years old so that we share a similar physical fitness. - Hunting is my No. 1 passion. I have respect for game animals and I am a hunter and not a shooter. If you share these values, we could be a match. - I am a rifle hunter but I am open to shotgun, archery, etc. - When you visit me to hunt, you will be my guest in terms of room and board as well as hunting. I expect the same from you.

I speak:    German , English , French