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Hello friends!!! I am a Spanish hunter currently living in the Philippines! Hunting is not allowed in this country so I have shifted gears towards spearfishing! I have been living in the Philippines for almost 2 years and have gotten to know a fair amount of good corals where to find groupers, snappers, octopus, squid, cattle fish, lobster, barracuda .... I usually go with my girlfriend who is a great fisherwoman, talk to a local fisherman to take us on his boat and the plan is done! We like cooking our catch on the beach once we are done, especially the lobsters we catch! If you are looking for an authentic experience we are your team!! We are looking to hunting or fishing in countries not too far from the Philippines (Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Japan). We are not picky and like enjoying every moment with local hunters learning about new ways of reading nature and animals. Looking forward to great hunts together!

I speak:    German , English , Spanish , French