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EE Estonia Harjumaa

I offer for hunt:    Eurasian beaver , Raccoon dog

I would like hunt:    Chamois , Fallow deer , Feral goat , ibex , Mouflon , Reindeer (Caribou) , Siberian Roe Deer , Sika Deer , White-tailed Deer , Wolverine

I can offer Eurasian Beaver hunting in Estonia. Hunting takes place on our small rivers and ditches. Our beavers are brown and black. The adult beaver weighs 20 - 26 Kg. Older animals often have the skull medal class. The best time to hunt will be spring. End of March or beginning of April. In general a long weekend should be enough to catch the animal. In return I am interested in the experience of hunting in another country. New species and new trophies. Any offer is welcome.

I speak:    English