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GB United Kingdom Winchester

I offer for hunt:    Common Pheasant , European rabbit , Fallow deer , Muntjack , Red-legged Partridge , Red fox , Roe deer , Wood Pigeon

A friend who is a professional gamekeeper, and I are interested in exchanging hunting opportunities so we can experience things we do not have in our area in Hampshire, southern England. In particular, we both want to hunt wild boar - preferably driven, but also stalked or under the moon. We are also interested in other (for us!) less common experiences such as beaver or moose hunting. For example, we have the following options: • Fallow deer (year round from stalking and from high seats) • Muntjac (all year, but mostly from November to March) • Roe (we have some big roebucks, but that's because we try not to shoot them all!) • Woodpigeons - decoyed and flighted into the forest (mainly February - April, then again June / July) • Pheasant and Partridge (September - January) • Deep-sea fishing (May-September) • World class fly fishing on the Chalkstream Rivers Test and Itchen (April-October with Grayling until the end of January). We're 30 minutes from Southampton (cheap flights with Flybe), an hour from London Heathrow Airport, or two and a half hours from Dover Ferry Terminal / Eurostar. You can take your own weapons to the UK (we can help you with that) or you can use ours. Ideally, I would prefer to exchange hunts that have a similar value so that no (or little) money changes hands. Of course, each party would organize and pay for their own travel and accommodation. I speak some German. My friend only speaks English so if you are able to speak English, it would be an advantage. Best regards.

I speak:    German , English