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LV Latvia West Latvia

I offer for hunt:    Eurasian beaver , European badger , Gray Wolf , Raccoon dog , Red deer , Red fox , Roe deer , Wild boar

I would like hunt:    Capercaillie , Common Pheasant , European hare , European rabbit , Fallow deer , Moose , Mouflon , Sika Deer , White-tailed Deer , Fishing , Recreational cottage

I love the quote: "Hunting is Hunting, and You never know what is wating You around the corner!". LV we have very long hunting season, You must only choose the game, time of the year and appreciate Your capabilities. My top 3 is: 1)Red deer rut in September 2)Beaver hunt at the springtime 3)Wildboar and red deer hunt with my dogs Then driven hunt, birds, bushing , fox and racoondog hunting and much moore.

I speak:    English , Russian