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ZM Zambia Mkushi

I offer for hunt:    African Wildcat , Baboon , Bushbuck , Bushpig , Impala , Kudu , Lechwe , Plains zebra , Reedbuck , Sable , Vervet Monkey , Waterbuck

My aim for joining this group is to meet other hunters worldwide and share our common love for the outdoors and respect for nature in particular to the animals we hunt in a responsible and ethical way. I am a registered Zambian Safari outfitter and a qualified big game professional hunter. With this I am able to facilitate exports of trophies and may conduct any Safaris legally in our country. We conduct big game Safaris too and any interested parties are welcome to contact me for a quote. I am open to suggestions on any type of exchange hunt with the species I have indicated on this forum and look forward to linking up with new friends around the world We Have other unique species not on the list that could be offered. Lichtenstein Hartebeest Puku Kafue Lechwe Black Lechwe Grey duiker Defassa waterbuck

I speak:    English