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MY Malaysia Port Dickson

I offer for hunt:    Wild boar , Fishing , Recreational cottage , Foto wild nature

I would like hunt:    Black Grouse , Canada Goose , Common Pheasant , Common Quail , Goose , Grey Partridge , Hazel Grouse , Mallard , Red-legged Partridge , Red Grouse , Reeves`s Pheasant , Saiga Antelope , Sika Deer , Sika deer Japan , White Lipped Peccary , Wild boar , Wild Turkey , Woodcock, Snipe , Fishing , Recreational cottage

I am a fish biologist whose hobbies are hunting and fishing, besides shooting. I grew up hunting and fishing with my father and uncles and until today I still hunt wild boar with my 78 year old father. Besides wild boar there are plenty squirrels and jungle fowl to shoot. The jungle fowl is our Southeast Asian version of pheasant, although it really is a wild chicken. There is no season for wild boar, squirrels, jungle fowl in Malaysia, so everyday is open season. I have always wanted to experience hunting in other parts of the world, so this Exchange Hunt is a great idea!

I speak:    English