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US United States Glenville

I offer for hunt:    White-tailed Deer , Wild Turkey

I would like hunt:    Black Bear , Black Grouse , Brown bear , Common Pheasant , Hazel Grouse , Mallard , Moose , Mule Deer , Red deer , Red Grouse , Sika Deer , Wild boar , Fishing

Whitetail deer hunt in central West Virginia. Also have a lot of turkeys on the land as well. Can hunt straight or over bait for deer. I’m not a professional guide, but I have access to private land and get several deer a year. I have had good success getting people on deer even novice hunters. We have big bucks in the area and I have harvested my fair share, but I couldn’t guarantee a trophy (why they call it hunting) but you have almost sure opportunity of tagging a doe if you want. Interested in just about anything, my wife hunts too so she would skin me alive if she didn’t come along too.

I speak:    English