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US United States Craig, Arkansas

I offer for hunt:    White-tailed Deer

I would like hunt:    Wild Turkey

My name is Austin Pruitt and I am only 16 years old and that might seem strange. I live where the Ozarks meet the Arkansas River Valley and wildlife is plentiful. The only species that is down is Wild Turkey in my area and my family has a rich history of Turkey hunting. I have rabbit hounds and we have plenty of white tail deer. In the Ozarks we have a 400 acre farm with mature bucks and a plentiful deer population. Just south of that farm in the River Valley I can set you on a stand where you could see up to 40 deer a morning. That stand does not produce as big of deer as the farm in the Ozarks but if you wanted to get some of the best venison in the country that is the stand. If you have never had the chance to run rabbit hounds that would be a good hunt as well. Also we have a huge pond with trophy bass, huge bream, and catfish. If you wanted to to do all of those things or one of them that would be fine. I cannot provide lodging but my grandma has the best cooking in Arkansas. I would like to have a place with quality turkey hunting. I might not come hunting there in a few years but I would like to make some hunting friends out of state for the future. What ever I mentioned is not the only things I can come up with. If I cannot provide it I can find someone in my area that can provide it and I will ask nothing for exchange. Like I said I might not come hunting for a couple of years but I can provide Arkansas hunts very soon. I do not care the amount of deer you shoot as long as it is legal.

I speak:    English