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US United States Kansas

I offer for hunt:    White-tailed Deer

I would like hunt:    Barbary sheep , Bighorn Sheep , Dall Sheep , Elk, wapiti , Mule Deer

I am interested in a possible trade of a private land trophy whitetail hunt for a private land hunt for a bull elk and/or trophy mule deer. I own land in South Central KS, that I manage specifically for trophy whitetails, and I'm getting very interested in western hunting. I'm trying to find ways to beat the draw game and have a chance at better quality animals I might not get with OTC tags. If you are interested in a KS whitetail hunt and can offer options you think I might enjoy it doesn't hurt to throw a thought my way. If there is an offer that interests me I can certainly send you pics, info, etc on the whitetail hunt.

I speak:    English