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US United States Illinois

I offer for hunt:    White-tailed Deer , Wild Turkey

I would like hunt:    Common Pheasant , Common Quail , Elk, wapiti , Gray Wolf , Moose , Mule Deer , Red deer , Reindeer (Caribou) , White-tailed Deer , Wild Turkey , Fishing

I own and lease some great deer and turkey hunting land in midwest Illinois. I have a small cabin on property that can be used. Some local places to eat or cooking equipment in cabin. I have two younger boys that love the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Looking for new adventures with them. Our property and the area has produced numerous bucks over 150". There is always one or two bucks around the area 160"-190". Several bucks killed in 160" range and some killed in the 170-190 range in the past. Nothing is for sure but year to year I can usually show trail cam pics of trophy bucks on the farm and in the area. Always numerous turkey around. If you have something to trade I would like to hear your offer.

I speak:    English