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SK Slovakia Western Slovakia

I offer for hunt:    European badger , Fallow deer , Mouflon , Red deer , Red fox , Roe deer , Wild boar

I would like hunt:    Axis Deer , Black Bear , Brown bear , Chinese water deer , Elk, wapiti , Grizzly Bear , Moose , Mule Deer , Reindeer (Caribou) , Siberian Roe Deer , Sika Deer , Water Buffalo , White-tailed Deer , Wild Turkey , Wolverine

Hey, I’m a young European hunter from Slovakia. I hunt in the Carpathian’s on the western side of Slovakia. It is possible to hunt various different species, ranging from the deer species including Red deer, Fallow deer and Roe deer, the latter being more towards the summer months whereas the others in autumn/winter. It is also possible to hunt mouflon on the same areas, as well as wild boar and red fox. The hunting areas are generally quite vast. The hunting itself is quite easy to organize, and accommodation will be provided.

I speak:    Czech , English , Spanish , French