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US United States Perkinston

I offer for hunt:    Bobcat , Elk, wapiti , Mallard , Mississippi-Alligator , Mule Deer , Pronghorn Antelope , Raccoon , White-tailed Deer , Wild boar , Wild Turkey , Fishing

A friend and I are wanting to hunt one of each of the deer species around the world, and we will trade any of the North American game species that is readily accessible with OTC tags or if you have certain tags. I have access to game in Mississippi and he has access to Western game. He also wants to hunt a deer in every state of the US. I also want to participate in a Spanish or Portuguese monteria, and some traditional European driven hunts for trophy game (not females and young). I also want to take one of each of the huntable swine of the world (wild boar from each region of the world with a different species/sub species, warthog, giant forest hog, bush pig, etc.). Let us know what you have and what you want and we will see what we can work out!

I speak:    English