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CA Canada Pontiac county,Quebec

I offer for hunt:    Black Bear , White-tailed Deer , Wild Turkey , Fishing , Foto wild nature

I would like hunt:    Axis Deer , Chinese water deer , Fallow deer , Gemsbok , Impala , Mouflon , Muntjack , Red deer , Wild boar

I have 150ha private land and access to public land.Spring bear and turkey season run together in may.Fall bear season coincides with deer season.The wild turkey hunting is usually very good but it varies from year to year.We had a lot of bear activity last year but I don't hunt them myself.I will be putting out cameras in April to see what is in the area.Deer hunt is always challenging but they are here if you work for them.Fishing for pike,walleye,bass,and channel catfish.licences are needed for all species.Coyotes and game birds could also be hunted.

I speak:    English , French