Chamois from Italy

Author: Frantisek Stolfa | 24.01.17

Chamois from Italy – Daniel Pavlík

Through a friend of mine from the International Club of hunting and website, I have got a contact on hunter from Italy with the possibility of hunting chamois. Mail communication promised really big opportunity to fulfill my next hunting dream.

Renzo, my new Italian friend invited me for the first November weekend. On Friday, me together with my wife passed 1000 km journey by car through Austria to the village Panchia in the Italian part of the Alpine Dolomites. Renzo warmly welcomed us and immediately accommodated in a nice mountain house.

Due to local conditions and very difficult way of hunting in alpine terrain, waited me only one day of hunting. Our way started nn Saturday morning at 5:30 am before sunrise, Renzo, together with his brother Severin and myself. We past with Off-road vehicle on a mountain road to the forest walkway, here I've had to rely only on my own legs. Renzo and Severino, both already over the age of 60 years are both typical highlanders in great shape, on their backs with backpacks full of clothes and equipment, in addition Renzo had the rifle, walked like a machine step by step on mountain walkway. After about 1.5 hours, just if the sun started the way across the sky we reached the rock walls shield Litegosa (La Cima Litegosa s.l.m. 2548 m).

Here we taken a favorable position to observe chamois, which were on opposite slopes and rocks. Renzo finally choosen a huntable, male chamois, which we have had to go for better shooting position.

Carefully, we went down into the valley. Our goal was come as close as possible to our chamois that was in the rock wall. Finally, we managed to take the right opportunity behind big stone. Rangefinder showed 320 m distance. I placed the rifle Remington 7 mm STW mag. to my backpack and tried to really stabilize the scope on the small silhouette of a chamois, the second mark in the riflescopes under the cross, which was intended for shooting at a distance of 300 meters.

After an accurate aiming on the small target I pressed the trigger , but I saw already in the optics the dusty snow under the chamois, he did several jumps about 30 m higher up the rock wall. This was my second chance, I reloaded immediately, and aimed on his body. Second fast shot was perfect! Chamois falled down and rolled from the rock, about 80 m into the rocky ravine.

A great feeling of hunting success multiplying almost mastered shooting! I still can not believe I was able to hit this small target at a distance of nearly 350 m. My chamois was a 7 year old male with wonderful bronze medal trophy. I was really incredibly lucky.

Thanks to web portal and friends from the WEHC! I was in a beautiful alpine country of the Italian Alps, I experienced an exciting adventure, and certainly thanks to the patron of hunters, I took with one masteshot the success in the form of one beautiful trophy of Alpine chamois.

Many thanks to my friend Renzo - amazing Italian host and his perfect hunting guide. I am looking forward to our next meet while on the hunt.